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Congratulations! The installation worked. You now have a fully functional installation of CMS Made Simple and you are almost ready to start building your site.

If you chose to install the default content, you will see numerous pages available to read. You should read them thoroughly as these default pages are devoted to showing you the basics of how to begin working with CMS Made Simple. On these example pages, templates, and stylesheets many of the features of the default installation of CMS Made Simple are described and demonstrated. You can learn much about the power of CMS Made Simple by absorbing this information.

To get to the Administration Console you have to login as the administrator (with the username/password you mentioned during the installation process) on your site at If this is your site click here to login.

Read about how to use CMS Made Simple in the documentation. In case you need any help the community is always at your service, in the forum or the IRC.


CMS Made Simple is released under the GPL license and as such you don't have to leave a link back to us in these templates or on your site as much as we would like it.

Some third party add-on modules may include additional license restrictions.


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